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UIyghur Introduction

Uyghur a turkic-speaking people of interior Asia, uyghurs live for the most part
in north western China. The Chief uyghur cities are urumqi, and Kashgar an
ancient centre of trade on the historic (Silk Road) near the border between
Russia and China. The uyghurs identified as muslims by the 16th century. They
are predominantly Sunni Muslim community.
The owner is ilham Aziz running the buisness over 13 years, more information
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What is t he Silk Road

More than 2 000 years ago, ancient trade ro ute was explored and initiated. It served as economic belt of trad e and cultural exchanges, linking China with Southeast Asia, South Asia, and even distant Arabian world, Europe and east c oast of Africa. The trade route conjures up the exotic images of camel caravans and figures as Genghis Khan and Marco Polo. Silk, one of the most important manufactured and traded goods in ancient China , together with exquisite porcelains were i ntroduced to the world along the trade route, w hich is called the Silk Road by later generations.

Uyghur Cuisine

The Uyghur ethnic minority, predominately Turkic speaking Muslims, living in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of Northwest China as a major hub alo ng the great Silk Road Uyghur culture is rich with music, dancing, literature, food and hospitality as integral parts of vibrant traditions. Our cuisine is Halal, with lamb as the base of various dishes together with custom a dopted from Han Chinese cultu re since 19 th century. In ref erence to food, Halal is the die tary standard, as prescribed in the Qur an (the Muslim scripture), which means food is lawful, permitted, and prepared in keeping with Islamic rules. Please check out our menu for more surpri se